Love Recipe

There is a famous for and the ingredients are easy to remember:
– 2 hearts full of love
– 2 heaping cups of kindness
– 2 armfuls of gentleness
– 2 cups of joy and friendship
– 2 big hearts of togetherness
– 2 minds full of tenderness

The preparation method? Nothing more simple:
– stir daily with happiness, humor and patience,
– serve with warmth and compassion as well as respect and loyalty

And here’s this recipe’s secret: you need to add a lifetime of togetherness and bake… with a ceremony!

You are invited to share this tasty love recipe on [date] at [time], [address].
And for the feast to last longer, the ceremony will be followed by a delicious meal at [name of the ].

[name] and [name]

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